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Funerals at Holy Innocents' and St Peter's

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When a loved one dies, it is often difficult to think of all the practicalities, so as a starting point the first thing to do is to contact your local funeral director - you will find their names in the yellow pages or on the internet. They are always very helpful and will talk you through everything you need to do. They will also help you make all the necessary arrangements and they are able to advise on charges and regulations relating to burials interments and memorials. 

If your loved one lived in one or our parishes (Great Barton or Thurston), he or she is entitled to be buried in the graveyard of the village they lived in, and we will do everything we can to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Usually the funeral director will contact the Vicar to make the initial arrangements for a service in the church and/or at the crematorium. Rev'd Fr Ben Edwards will then get in touch with you to offer pastoral and practical support and to discuss the details for the service. Fr Ben can be contacted on 07522 396397 or email: admichurch64@gmail.com.


Fees for Church Funeral Services, Burials, Burials of Ashes and Services at the Crematorium are set by the Church of England and reviewed at the beginning of every year. Fees are collected by the Diocesan Board of Finance and generally invoiced through the Funeral Directors.

The Statutory Fees can be found in the Church of England Parochial Fees

In addition, there are the following fees for a Funeral Service in Church:

Expenses for mileage will be added to all the set fees and they vary according to the distance travelled. 

Families who have contacted us for a funeral service will be invited to our annual All Souls' Day service where we remember those who have died and light candles in their memory. This is a service for the whole Benefice and everyone is welcome, you don't need an invitation to come to this.

Please know that members of our churches pray for you and your family around the time of the funeral. If you need any support, either immediately after the funeral or later on, please do get in touch.

Fr Ben can be contacted on 07522 396397 or email admichurch64@gmail.com