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Walking with Elephants

25 June 2024

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This reflection was first published on the Constable Country Benefice YouTube channel.

My thanks to them for permission to reuse it



a couple of years ago during some time off I was reading Lawrence Anthony's book The Elephant Whisperer and watching Levison Woods series Walking with Elephants on Channel 4. The work of the Holy Spirit is one of the great mysteries fresh and exciting part of our life together. As I watched and listened, I had an idea,which is a new thing for me :) the video you are about to watch is the result stop I did the narration based on our experiences with elephants and my reading of scripture and hugely indebted to Ryan Beyer he put together the video and did all the technical bits. He also obtained the permission of the game lodge which has this remarkable experience with its elephants every year to use some of their video and I am grateful to them as well stop I hope this video gives you food for thought and great enjoyment as together we learn to walk in the spirit with elephants stop rib stiff

The Lord be with you