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St Peter's Church Draw Club

27 October 2023

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What is it? The Draw Club has been in existence for many years as a way of raising funds for the daily workings of your village parish church.

How does it work? Every member can buy as many Draw Club numbers as they like, at £15 each per annum.

There is a small monthly monetary prize which is usually drawn during coffee after church, plus a Summer and Winter Draw with 3 larger monetary prizes. The greater the membership the larger the prize amounts. We generally have a strawberries and cream afternoon in the church grounds for the Summer Draw with a chance to socialise and maybe do a quiz.

The Winter Draw is held after one of the Christmastide services.

Over the years we have sadly lost a number of members due to relocation and old age and we are eager to recruit new members

This is an easy way to support your church and you may even be a lucky winner! Please consider becoming a member - contact Ann Reeve (01359 270491) if interested. Thank you.