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One of my Favourite Things

25 June 2024

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 One of my favourite things….

is Happy Family gatherings.  I have recently attended two such gatherings; they were delightful.  One was an 80th birthday party.  It was particularly happy as the birthday "girl" told us that she was born with a serious heart condition, and her life expectancy was 5-7 years.  She had pioneering surgery and excellent care, hence the many years she has lived -- so far.

She and her husband invited the 60 close friends and family, she told us, to thank them for helping to make her life happy.  Well, it made me tear up.  I was not a even friend, but there as the after-dinner speaker.  Well before the evening was over I was wishing I had been on the Friend List. 

Everyone I talked to that night was full of praise for this lady, telling stories of her escapades.  It was a wonderful occasion, and I drove home with a big smile on my face, but no fee.  They had to "borrow" my pay envelope to pay the musicians, as someone had counted the monies incorrectly.  I am still chuckling about that.  I am certainly not worried  that the money won't  be paid.  At 80, we should be allowed to make an occasional mistake, and not have it spoil anything.

The second celebration was for a 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Again, delightful and very happy.  This time I was honoured to be an Invited Friend.  I knew many of the other guests and some of the family, as well.  I moved around between groups of people, and chatted to many, catching up on news of those I had not seen for some time.  We did not have assigned seats for our meal, so I sat at a large round table with a couple of friends.  The other seats were taken by out-of-town family. 

I truly enjoyed every minute of the next hour or so, listening to four cousins and their partners swapping stories of their growing up years.  What could be better than that?  The sheer joy and laughter was irresistible.  They were very patient about answering my questions when I misunderstood a word or phrase, or got lost in the twists and turns of a tale.  But I do think that my open admiration for their family upbringing egged them on more than a bit.  

With glasses held high, we toasted our Hosts on their magnificent achievement.   A Happy Family gathering indeed.

With love, Linda