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Holy Innocents Church Electoral Roll

14 March 2024

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Unknown 102Holy Innocents Church Great Barton.

Revision of Electoral Roll - 2024:

Our Electoral Roll is a list of the Holy Innocents community (subject to eligibility); inclusion gives us a right to vote in certain meetings and stand for elections. It is a way of being part of the church family. Any lay person who is baptised, over 16 years of age and residing within the Holy Innocents parish or who has worshipped with us here for more than six months, can join the Roll. Each year the Roll is updated and so those new to the Holy Innocents community and eligible are warmly invited and encouraged by the Vicar Rev’d Fr Benjamin Edwards to join. Notice is hereby given that the revision of the Holy Innocents Electoral Roll shall take place from 20th March to 31st March 2024. Application forms can be obtained from the Church Electoral Roll Officer. This year we are only revising the Roll again, so those already on it will remain on it, and they should not complete a new application form. (The six yearly full renewal took place in 2019). The revised Roll will be presented at the APCM on Tuesday 16th April 2024. Any questions to Peter Robinson, Electoral Roll Officer (admichurch64@gmail.com or 07814 946841).