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Private Prayer

5 January 2021

AB18E66E A013 4378 9378 182FA42C4365‘Private Prayer’ in both Churches.

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Jigsaw Puzzles for sale at St Peter's

1 November 2020

0D29AA63 B1D3 4602 8439 5F5DFF57759B 4 5005 cPlease note that jigsaws are still on sale in the church porch at St Peter’s.

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Parish Giving Scheme

18 August 2019

0D556067 645A 48A1 8008 98180453B4D9 4 5005 cOn behalf of the Parochial Church Council for Holy Innocents Church Gt Barton and St Peter’s Church Thurston, we would like to inform you of a new initiative, which will allow you to support your local church. Most people at some point in their lives look to the church for guidance and comfort.

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