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Mothers Union

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Branch Leaders

Thurston: Joy Bolwell Tel: 01359 231301 Email: joybolwell@hotmail.com

 Gt Barton: Pat Sheppard 01284 705540 Isabel Sawyers 01284 788357 

Mothers Union 140 years"A Celebration of Faith" 140 years 1876-2016

The Mothers' Union is a worldwide Christian organisation with over four million members spread over eighty-three countries .

It was started by Mary Sumner, a vicar's wife, in 1876 in their village to encourage and help parents in caring for their children.  We have gone a long way since then and the Mothers' Union is particularly strong in Africa.  The more this organisation grows, the more it can make an impact in society and help support parents and families.  Our opinion on Christian and social matters which affect families is asked for by the Government.  We are no longer just an organisation for mothers - all women, men and even children can join.  In this diocese there are over one thousand and fifty members in fifty branches.  Thurston MU has 20 members and meets on the second Tuesday in the month in "The Rock" (our small church hall next door to the church).

External speakers attend meetings. Church services are also held through the year including Women's World Day of Prayer and the Carol service.

We are pleased to see visitors at our meetings and we welcome new members.

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