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The Future of The Messenger

28 October 2020

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Future Messenger 

As most of you will know, Allan Howell, who has been our Business Manager for manager for many years, is finishing with the last issue in December. Likewise, Kate Laidler is also stepping down as editor, again after many years’ service. We thank them both for their contribution. 

So far, we have had no volunteers to take this forward in its present format. However, there is a possibility of an on-line version. We have not, at this point, discarded the idea of a printed version, but wish to explore how many would still require it. The printed version would bear a cost but at this stage we are not anticipating that it would be more than the present cost. The on-line version would be free to access. Before making a decision, it would be helpful to find out how many printed copies would still be required. There will be a further update on the future of the Messenger in December’s magazine once we have had a chance to look at the figures. 

Action needed by 13th November 

In order to help us with this, if you would still like a printed version from January, could you please let Tim Frost know by 13th November, either by email (timfr0st@yahoo.co.uk), by phone (01284 787442) or in writing. 

Thank you, Kathy Drakes