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Our “Tommy” at Holy Innocents, Gt Barton

8 May 2020

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77854DEB 4503 4EAB 8046 E2DC0ED62102At last our ‘Tommy’ is finally, safely home to celebrate VE Day - 75 years since the end of World War ll in Europe.  An occasion we all want to celebrate, but alas cannot, well! not together in one place, but definitely in one mind, and in many places; “We will remember them.”

We give thanks for the lowly solider; a hero of those times.  Someone who made great sacrifices for our freedom. Likewise today, we celebrate many lowly heroes of our time, the Doctors, Nurses and Carers who have cared for those who have died and have kept many more alive during the current Pandemic. For the shop workers and delivery companies who have kept us fed.  All the emergency services who have responded to our call; individuals who have looked after a neighbour. They too have made great sacrifices for us all.

So today,  we celebrate heroes past and present and I think all ‘Tommies’ would have joined with us in remembering lost friends and loved ones and be united in one purpose.  They are heroes to us all and we salute them.

A footnote:

In the fullness of time our ‘Tommy’ will be dedicated at HI where we will be able to remember them and give thanks for our freedom and their sacrifice for it. It will then only be displayed on special occasions. I would like take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to this worthwhile project.

Tim Frost
Church warden