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Jigsaw Puzzles for sale at St Peter's

1 November 2020

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0D29AA63 B1D3 4602 8439 5F5DFF57759B 4 5005 cPlease note that jigsaws are still on sale in the church porch at St Peter’s.

There is a good selection of 1000 piece jigsaws but we could do

with ones with less pieces or larger pieces. Please place a suggested donation of £2 in the honesty box. Donations are steadily going up; £434 now. So far 217 jigsaws have been taken away, or borrowed and brought back to raise more money, and given people pleasure at the same time. Thank you to all who have done this.
Jigsaws can be left in the church porch or phone Joy for collection. 01359 231301. Jigsaws only please.