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Church Letter

5 August 2019

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Unknown 80We are now well into our Summer and many of us have been lucky to have early holidays in beautiful and interesting places. I have been to the far West of England. My cousin now lives permanently in Botallack which has become somewhat famous as Poldark is filmed there. It is wild and beautiful with the ghostly remains of the tin mines on the rugged cliffs and sandy beaches in little coves. While I was there we went to the Isles of Scilly for a few days. This is always an experience as we fly from St. Just in a very small plane. The journey only takes 20 minutes and that includes taking off and landing. The only problem can be the weather. The planes do not fly in bad weather and that means you can either be marooned on the Islands or not take off at all in the first place. We were lucky and all went to plan.

Everyone is friendly on the Islands and it is like stepping back in time. One interesting thing is that although there are a lot of cars, there are few roads. St. Mary`s which is the main and largest island has the most and the speed limit is 60 mph everywhere! The explanation given for this is that if it was any lower they would have to put up signs, have traffic lights and crossing places. I do not believe it would be possible to ever get to 60 mph anywhere on the islands. In fact 30 mph would be unlikely. They have one policeman who hardly ever gets called out. In fact the police station was near to our hotel and I never saw his land rover move once.

We went to a Communion Service on St. Mary`s and the church was packed. They actually ran out of Service Sheets – always a good sign. The church was full of home grown flowers for which the Islands are famous. The climate encourages wonderful trees and shrubs as well, many very exotic. The most spectacular ones are in the gardens on Tresco which are a great favourite of the Prince of Wales.

Now I am on the subject of gardens, can I mention the Churchyard. Pat and I would like to have a working party at the end of the summer to tackle the weeds and brambles and generally tidy up. We need volunteers to help. If you feel you can help we would love to hear from you. Our phone numbers are at the bottom of the page. However you can just turn up on the day. We will put date and time in the September issue.

In the meantime how about coming to our Songs of Praise service on Sunday 11th August? This is also the day we empty all those jam jars full of loose change and bless the coins for use in the upkeep of our church. Some jars have been returned already but do bring any you have at home.

They will all be emptied at the service and remember we love to have children to empty them for us. Hope to see you there. Enjoy the rest of the Summer.

Irene and Pat