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Can You Help Your Churches

2 November 2021

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Your Help Needed

Holy Innocents and St Peter's

Church Cleaning.

Our church wardens have worked very hard to keep our churches clean and tidy during the last 18 months and we are very grateful.  But this should not just fall to them; they do so much to keep our churches and services going. We need a few people who would be willing to clean the church on a rota basis. The more volunteers we have, the less onerous it is on everyone. If you would like to know more, please contact one of our church wardens. 

Holy Innocents:


Tim Frost. 01284 787442 or email: timfr0st@yahoo.co.uk

Angela Pearce: 07774 075941


St Peter's


Pat Sadler. 01359 230865 or email: patsadler@hotmail.com

Irene Churchus. 01359 230652 or email: churchusirene@gmail.com