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Spiritual Guidance and Prayers

Mar. 22 - May. 31, 2020


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You may feel that during this time of changed lifestyle and in some cases stressful periods,  you would like to receive some spiritual guidance, reassurance and prayers. The list of people below are from our Benefice and would be pleased to hear from you.

Rev’d Manette Crossman: 01284 787554

Pat Sadler: 07552 234443

Tim Frost: 07840 249448

Alf Nightingale: 01359 231155

Irene Churchus: 01359 230652

Kathy Drakes: 07966 242616

Sarah Drakes: 07494 791031

Christopher Wells: 01359 231573‬

For general information about our churches of Holy Innocents Gt Barton and St Peter’s Thurston please contact us at the following email address: beneficepr@gmail.com

Take care and stay safe.